Widely acknowledged as the worst
gear retailer in North America.

"Scams, theft, hidden fees,
bait-and-switch, dishonesty..."

The complaints against ProAudioStar read like criminal accusations. It's clear these are not isolated incidents, but stem from a company culture of incomptence and greed.

On their Facebook page, furious customers have written at length about awful experiences with ProAudioStar. Transparent attempts at white-washing can be seen in the content-less 5 star reviews posted by foreign accounts. However the negative reviews are genuine, which is why Facebook's algorithm pushes them to the top for visibility.

At the Better Business Bureau, ProAudioStar has stopped responding to complaints and earned an "F" rating. Over on ResellerRatings, the negative reviews easily outnumber the positive. Most complaints originate from users with multiple reviews on the site (read genuine) and specifically detail their issues hassling with ProAudioStar. The positive reviews are comprised of one-time users and are suspiciously combative toward the negative reviewers.

Don't get screwed.

If you've been taken advantage of by ProAudioStar, leave a review, submit a complaint and let others know.

Some great alternatives to buying from ProAudioStar...

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